Jameson Irish Whisky

In 2003, Pernod Ricard's Brand Director of Jameson, Susan Friedman, felt that promotions were too male-centric and wanted revolutionize the brand that would also include the professional women segment. We launched a campaign that featured 1950’s style cocktails that appealed to women. Jameson and Sprite (7&7), Rye and Ginger etc. The result was a jump from 300,000 9L cases in 2004 to over 800,000 cases in 2009, with continued strong growth.  It is still the fastest growing brown spirits brand at 19% + growth.


CHEF'S Theater - A Musical Feast.
Chef’s Theater was a new concept, which combined the rave of celebrity chef’s cooking shows and Broadway entertainment featuring various top chefs such as Todd English, Tyler Florence, Jacque Pepin, Mario Battali, etc. We designed a programs where Broadway entertainment met fine dining which included guest sommeliers and celebrity chef cooking amid 300 guests. Brunch and dessert shows we also hosted.

Strategic partnerships were developed with Bloomingdales, Cuisinart and CHEF'S Theater. Cuisinart sponsored the production in conjustion with a promotion created for Bloomingdales. The program would deliver free-gift coupons and discounts on all Cuisinart products available in a co-op advertising program with the Bloomingdales and CHEF'S Theater.
Performing chef's toured Bloomingdales for engaging lunch demos, using Cuisinart sponsored products.  

World Series of Poker Milwaukee's Best Light Beer
Miller Brewing Company(MBC) set out to attract blue collar consumers for its moderate priced brand, Milwaukee’s Best Light Beer. through the sposorship of 'The World Series of Poker'. MBC sought to develop consumer targeted programs to increase brand awareness and interaction. We created a
mutli-media program which included an on-line free-play poker championship with local events which included in-store promotions. The program was the most successful consumer promotion in the history of the brand.

High-lights of the program: We developed a free-play on-line poker site for consumers who were each given 500 playing points for signing up. Every week, 10 of the top players would be entered in the weekly final table where the winner would win a seat in 'The World Series of Poker', a $10,000 value in addition to transportation & hotel expenses. If players lost their Miller points, they could buy back in by going on line and providing additional information about themselves or filling out marketing questionnaires about various topics including shopping behaviors, usage, etc.. Another way of acquiring additional points was to enter the bar code number on their most recent purchase of Milwaukee’s Best Light Beer.

Our years of service to major brand owners include the development of new products as well as brand rejuvination of the more mature product lines.  Brown Spirits were declining rapidly in the early 1980's. ScotsFest was created to re-energize the category. We replaced staid old Robert Burns Dinners with Wall Street events attracting young urban professtional males. Reintroducing brown spirits from old into new and sexy, the first event attracted 100 attendees which grew to over 1000 by the second ScotsFest. The event was so successful, they continue today. Brown Spirits were officially reintroduced as relevant to a new generation.


FARMER'S WINES - founded in 1995 by Walter Marcinowski, it was one of the country's first internet wine companies.  

In the mid-90's, few internet wine companies had partnerships with small wineries and their select wines, with crops that varied from year to year, which inevitably created unsatisfied consumers. Marcinowski set out to improve the quality of internet wines available. FARMER'S WINES were the product of different co-ops in France, Italy, and Spain, where he bought wine overstocks in bulk that were then brought to top blenders such as Michel Roland, the blender of Grand Cru Classe. To guarantee the quality of the seasonal crop, annual regional taste tests were held for consumers and the highest rated blends were then bottled and labeled Farmer's Wines. The process not only guaranteed quality, but it also gave the consumers a sense of involvement and ownership. The end of this profitable venture was ended when traditional distributors became aware of the potential of internet wines and lobbied congress to pass a law against interstate wine shipping. The law was eventually overturned by the Supreme Court in 2005. A number of Farmer's Wines labels continue to be sold in the World market, such as Le Coq Rouge. 

Moet & Chandon  Dom Perignon - Promotional Marketing Services and Merchandise to Schieffelin & Co 
 In conjunction with Frierson Mee & Partners, We provided concepts, platforms, strategy, designs, logos, promotional merchandise and fulfillment such as wearables, glasswear, bar utensils, and POS materials. Provided logistics and promotional support for events such as America's Cup Sailing Regattas, Scots Fest, etc. Increased champagne market share from 9% to 49%, resulting in over $200 million in sales - $50 million net profit.

House of RUFFINO - Brand Rejuvination
We began promotions back when Ruffino was in a fiaschi, basket bottle found on tables of NYC pizzerias. We revamped the line to compete with new world wines and the varietal vagaries of the US market. Developed and promoted numerous new brands as well as repositioned and modernized the brand label to develop an upscale perception of its core. Eventually became the agency of record for the brand. Ruffino grew 5 fold within our 12 year history.

VOSS Water
New Brand Development
Earning a Gold Medal Award for Global Packaging Design in 2000, the team developed an upscale super premium water that received global acclaim and reached annual sales nearing $100,000,000US in 2007.


Allied Domeq  Champagne Mumm Frierson & Mee
Agency of record for Champagne Mumm
. Provided promotional campaigns for such as Khalua and Malibu Rum. Inceased year to year sales by more than 20%. Took back market share from Moet in ethnic urban markets. New product development for Beefeaters, including Beaferater Wet. 

The BALVENIE - Brand Rejuvination
Intelligent, Upscale, Sophisticsted advertising program in the New York Times. It legitimized the Balvenie brand amongst the literati.

Wines of Bordeaux - Brand Rejuvination 
Returned the Romance to a classical brand that had lost its cache'. Re-introduced it to an entirely new generation and brought 30% additional sales.

Suntory of Japan - Brand Rejuvination 
With flat sales for years, Suntory of Japan was looking for a spark to rejuvinate the brand. Our "Light Up the Night" with Midori campaign was targeted at the on-premise female-ethnic segment. Efforts resulted in an annual increase in sales from 220,000 cases to over 400,000 cases in the US in less than 18 months, from start to finish

MaryJanesFarm - Licensing Organics and Nutraceuticals 
Line extensions developed for organic 'farm girl' lifestyle products including organic food products, new publishing agreement, women's DIY tools, home furnishings, etc. in conjunction with Hothouse Brand Group and Li & Fung of Hong Kong and NYC.

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